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FAQ | Western Cable Services | United States
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Q - I want to upgrade my existing network to 1GB, do I need new cabling?

A - Not necessarily. Most existing Cat5e runs under 150ft can easily support 1GB. We offer testing services to verify if your existing cabling is capable. 

Q - I need new cabling installed. Can I use Cat5e to save some money?
A - There really is no point in installing any new cable lower than Cat6. The price difference is minimal, especially compared to future labor to replace it. We simply don't install anything lower than Cat6, even for cameras.

Q - What is the maximum distance for Cat6 cable?
A - 296 feet. The technical limit is 328 feet (100 meters), but you generally have to allow 16 feet total for the patch cables and equipment on either end. Further distances usually require fiber optic cable.

Q - Do you offer a Warranty?
A - Definitely. We offer a full 10 year warranty on all labor, cabling, hardware and equipment. You are also assigned applicable manufacturer warranties.

Q - Are you available on Holidays and weekends?
A - We do our best to service our customers. However, as a small business ourselves, we cannot guarantee availability outside of normal working hours of 8am - 5pm, Mon to Fri, or on Holidays.

Q - Can you fix my computer?
A - No. We currently only offer services for network and security systems.

Q - CenturyLink / Lumen wants an insane amount of money to get my new internet service from the phone room to the office. Can you help?
A - Definitely. We can extend service from the DMARC or MPOP to your suite or IT closet for a fraction of the cost your service provider would charge.

Q - Do you do subcontract work?
A - Yes we do. Please contact us today to see how we can help your project!

Q - Can you run a new cable and setup WiFi in my house?
A - Sorry. We do not offer residential services.

Q - You actually do work for ski resorts?
A - Definitely. With over 10 years of experience working on ski hills, we can help install and repair OSP fiber and copper, telecommunications, data cabling, race timing cable, trail phones, lift phones and even help with network issues for RFID gantries and weather stations. We can complete most winter season repairs with a backpack of hand tools and snowboard. That helps your company to reduce the liability of using a snowmobile or snow-cat during operating hours.

Q - What brands do you offer?
A - We are currently authorized installers and dealers for ICC structured cabling solutions, Hanwha Techwin (formerly Samsung Wisenet) security cameras, Tripp Lite by Eaton network hardware and UPS, and for cloud based security systems and access control. We are working on adding more soon!
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